June 3, 2020

Hip Hop Dance Camp, Day 3

About Gabby: Gabby Halo has been dancing since age two. Trained in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, modern, and acrobatics, she has fallen in love with dance. Gabby has been teaching for almost seven years. She started her training in Phoenix Arizona with any and all choreographers she could take from. During Gabby’s 10 years living in Phoenix she taught at a local studio, Arizona Dance Artistry. The director/ Studio owner allowed Gabby to begin teaching at a young age because of how passionate she was about spreading knowledge through movement. Miss Halo was also in three professional shows directed by Liz Ann Hewett called “All in the Heir,” a story of 5 children fighting for their parents thrown, “All in the Heir encore” where they further developed the story of the queen and king’s children. And finally, “Memoriam,” an emotional show portraying true stories of what happened before, during, and after the events that took place on September 11, 2001. She then relocated to Fort Worth where she spent two years dancing at Tarrant county college. She was the assistant rehearsal director as well as the teachers aid for dance classes and their dance company, Mosaic Dance Project. While at TCC Gabby choreographed multiple pieces, where some were accepted into American College Dance Association’s Gala. While balancing school and dance, Gabby spent two seasons with Celebrity Dance Competitions as their 2018 lead dance convention assistant as well as running backstage during the 2018 regional season. She is now starting her third year as a modern dance major at TCU, and is currently a Pilates teacher in training.